Georgia Military Town Overcomes Stormwater Rehabilitation Challanges

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Georgia Military Town Overcomes Stormwater Rehabilitation Challanges

Georgia Military Town Overcomes Stormwater Rehabilitation Challanges
Stormwater Magazine - January-February 2012

Warner Robins, GA, is a military town named in honor of Brigadier General Augustine Warner Robins. The city is built around Robins Air Force Base, Georgia’s largest employer.

Its military background has had consequences for the town’s infrastructure. Rapid wartime expansion meant that sewers and other assets were put in quickly, with relatively little planning or inspection. As a result, “We have a lot of older corrugated metal pipe [CMP] storm sewer, even under roads,” says stormwater management technician Krag Woodyard. As a result, and also due to EPA mandates, the city is now struggling with major rehabilitation challenges.

“We’ve divided our stormwater system into five sectors, and we need to address one each year in order to keep up with EPA requirements,” explains Woodyard. This means he has to be organized and diligent. Inspection teams pull up to 60 manholes daily and inspect inlets and outlets as well. Flow direction is determined, condition assessed, and the amount of debris and blockage estimated. Using a handheld tablet, the results are noted and later uploaded to an office GIS. The result is a good record of a failing system; Warner Robins has a great deal of aging infrastructure, and there is much work to be done. Because there is too much work for one big project, tasks need to be prioritized.

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